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Some of OKD students have completed college, or are in college:
Devoni Reid  (graduated)
Charon Francis  (graduated)
Tatiana Frost(Polo Grounds TKD) Graduated
Sherry Joseph
Akeema Z. Anthony(Graduated)
Evans Raymond
Duane Thomas
New students to the Dojo in Manhattan (West Harlem)
Orlando Rogers/CTS Warrior 
Kiarra Alexander
Stanley Heyward
Nyika Campbell
Corey Rosario
Ori Tomahawk

Daisia Glover was Promoted to Black Belt -Yudansha/or Shodan-Ho February 2009
Kiarra Alexander was promoted to Green Belt March 2009
Corey Rosario was promoted to Yellow Belt in March 2009
Ori was promoted to Yellow Belt in March 2009 

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