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Are You Serious!!!!
Never ever say that you can't do anything, always say I will try
Whatever it takes always go above and beyond the expectation of others.
Always ask yourself these questions:
Have I tried hard enought to reach my goals?
Am I taking my actions seriously?
Do I pay attention to details in order to learn all that is required of me?
Am I able to change something that I am doing wrong to better myself, and do I ask for help if I find that some things that I do just don't work?
Am I spending anytime at home practicing my techniques in a proper way so that I can improve?
Practice, Does not make perfect, but perfect practice maes perfect performance.
How you practice determines what your results will be....poorly practiced techniques make poor performance.
Forget about quitting:  Never lose sight on your goals and the purpose for your training, be true to yourself first, and foremost. Remember that if you make a committment to improve then that is what you need to do, stay true to your committment, never quit without achieving your goals
Develope a Black Belt Attitude.
Log it!! Write down everything that you do in your class, and use it as a reference so that you can remember what it is that you are learning, and exactly what you need to work on.