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Within Shotokan Kata and all styles, or systems of Karate are some of the most dangerous techniques that you could ever imagine. You the student and Teachers have to disect the Kata to find techniques of other martial arts hidden within your system. It has the circular flowing movement,the trapping, joint locking, throwing, and the linear yet circular movements.  These are just some brief examples of what is hidden in your martial art.
Martial Arts Training is a life long endeavor!!!!!

A student is like making a sword,  raw, and rough hewned at first, but with deligence, truth ,and pure dedication they become elegant in appearance, and deadly in function.
We must strive to be true to our martial art, and never stray away from its teachings, forever staying humble, but deadly when the need arises at all times in life.
Remembering that only a really dedicated student can be made like a razor sharp sword, elegant in appearence and deadly  in action.