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Parent and Students of Original Karate Dojos

     Our most humble greetings and Salutations to the parents of Original Karate Dojos.  This letter may seem very generic, however our sincere wish is that all of you take and cherish these words personally.

     The words here are to give thanks to you for affording us, Original Karate Dojos Organization the opportunity to instill within you, your family, and your children the exact beauty of this wonderful Art of Karate-Do.  We realize that it is not an easy thing to someone dear to you, or yourself in the hands of a virtual stranger.  This is a risk within itself ( as well as with any school) and for this reason we the Instructors of Original Karate Dojos most humbly extend our gratitude.

     All students regardless of age become the children of their respective Sensei, with other Original Karate Dojos Instuructors acting as the surrogate parent.  It is because of you that Original Karate Dojos grows!!

With this being said, it is our duty and honor to instruct you in the best manner possible so that the end result will be fruitful to all.  The road is often hard, and the way is long so have patience. Stick with us,  for the miracle is the one that you make for yourself..


Yours in the martial arts,

Instructors of Original Karate Dojos 


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