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Students Under Samad G. Raatib
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Michael R Brock Sr.
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Give us a call or send an e-mail today for more information or to make reservations, to attend one of the classes

NYOKD.A New York E-Mail(West Harlem)

Visit our Independent Websites at: HTTP:// Site).or

Or send us mail or /E-mail: At these locations: All Dojos are Independent of each other, contact any school closest to you for information.
Samad G. Raatib, (Chief Instructor Original Karate Dojos in NY )
1-347-749-4042 Office (message service)
West Harlem Area
C/O Frederick Samuels Community Center
1-212-491-1092 (for more Information on training schedules)
669 Lenox Avenue
New York, NY  10030 
Office Location
 In The Inwwod Section
Original Karate Dojo Associaton(N.Y.O.K.D.A)
Eugenio Jimenez, Sensei (6th Degree Black Belt)
190th Broadway (2nd Floor) Next to Train station
New York, NY 10456
Also if you are in the South Carolina Area
S.C.O.K.D.A Kenkojuku
Raymond McRinna, Shihan 7th Degree Black Belt
Arthur Christopher City Gym
Charleston, S.C.  29401
SCOKDA (501c.3)
If you are in the Washington State Area
visit: WAOKDA (Affiliate)
Ricky Montgomery, Shihan 6th Degree Black Belt
Stephanie Montgomery, Sensei
14709 East 17th Avenue
Veradale, Wa 99037





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